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Silicone Spatula Spoon With Wooden Handle

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White is offering Tessie & Jessie bamboo wood silicone spatula with a bamboo wooden grip handle. It is safe for coated & non-stick cookware and perfect for use with hot foods and around the cooker top it is also dishwasher safe. It has a good gripping surface with fun blue & white color. Bamboo wood and silicone are naturally anti-bacterial making them ideal for kitchen use. The silicone handle provides a good gripping surface and the colors will add fun to your kitchen. Perfect for mixing and serving.

Product Details:

  • Material: Made from bamboo wood and silicone.
  • Usage: Ideal for use with all cookware and bakeware including non-stick.
  • Size: Length 14 inches, Bottom Width 3 inches. 
  • 100% rust & corrosion resistant
  • Heavy-duty construction guarantees quality.

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Silicone Spatula Spoon With Wooden Handle
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