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Stylish Black LED Display Hair Straightener (Auto Lock Mode)

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Professionally vogued hair at home now has become easier like never before with stylish black LED display hair straightener. Get a grip on straight-up sleek, glam sensual styles. This fashionable hair straightener is featured with auto-lock mode that makes the performance pretty much obvious. As collation to traditional hair straighteners, this LED display hair straightener offers more balanced and quick heat giving you impairment and frizz-free performance. Ultimately results in even better and straight hair. 

This hair straightener comes with a heat-resistant travel case that allows you to pack it away before the plates cool down, making it the ultimate portable hair styling experience. The innovative control panel with a touch interface allows you to adjust all control settings with one touch. Even better, this professional styling kit comes with a convenient pouch so, you can bring it with you wherever you go. 

What you Get

  • Brand new fully featured stylish black LED display hair straightener with auto-lock mode.
  • Digital temperature adjusting pannel. 
  • Auto-lock feature with a swipe to unlock gear.
  • A featured and chic case.
  • Professional use as well as at home.
  • Will straighten, curl and provide wavy hair all with one tool.
  • A complete operatation mannual. 


  • When not in use, “power off ”. 
  • Allow the appliance to cool and store outreach of children in a safe.
  • Position at a dry location.
    Stylish Black LED Display Hair Straightener (Auto Lock Mode)
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