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Men's Cashmere Mufflers


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Luxor is presenting you now with a wide range of men’s scarves with distinct colors and fabric. Fashion is usually linked with females but now men are also taking up fashion rapidly to look attractive. So what are you waiting for? Try our best and valuable men’s scarves with cashmere fabric and blue-eyed color. Cashmere fabric is commonly called Kashmiri and it is one of the scarcest and luxurious items on our website. It is spotless and a cherished fabric and you can wear it with jackets, coats, and kurta as well.


Product benefits:

  • Soft and easy to fold in any style.
  • It’s trendy in fashion and soothing to eyes.
  • It’s delicate in nature and will not harm the neck if wrapped around your neck.
  • Color: Grey with lavish black.
  • Dimension: L*73 W* 13 inch.
  • Material: cashmere fabric
  • Washing instructions: wash in cold water do not rub it forcefully & Dries rapidly.

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