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Luxury Bath Towel Set 3 Pcs Gift Set

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The Bath Towel Set 3 Pcs Gift Set is a pure joy to the touch, so soft and plush, and instantly absorb water. These imported towels are very soft, absorbent, and really great after bath or shower, could easily work just as well for the pool as they are quite large.  

Product Details:

      • AUTHENTIC: 100% authentic and natural long-strand cotton from the Egyptian region
      • LUXURY QUALITY: Soft, absorbent, fast-drying luxury hotel quality cotton towels
      • GENEROUS SIZE & DESIGN: Elegantly designed in a lavish size and weight for greater comfort, absorbency, and usability.
      • MACHINE WASHABLE: Innovative design and texture.
      • Three in one set.
      • Imported and good quality.
      • Free Home Delivery
      • Perfect gift item!


      • Hand Towel: 14 x 14 inches.
      • Bath Towel: 16 x 32 inches.
      • Bayh Sheet: 32 x 64 inches.

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Luxury Bath Towel Set 3 Pcs Gift Set
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