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Handheld Fabric Steamer -Medium

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Luxor.pk is presenting handheld Fabric Steamer-Medium. Often we find ourselves picking up our clothes to find it creased. We’re on a time schedule & bringing out the traditional iron is heavy & time consuming for a single piece of clothing. Instead, use ultra-portable & lightweight Steam Iron. The ultra-portable steam iron allows you to iron & steam your clothes to perfection in under 1 minute* with complete ease! Whether you’re preparing your clothes for work, that important interview, a romantic dinner date, or whilst traveling; Luxors Portable Steam Iron is the quickest & most effective way to fix creased clothes, cotton shirts, suits, silk shirts, evening dresses, or pants our handheld steam iron has you covered!

Product benefits:

  • Giving off steady and powerful steam, it can remove wrinkles in clothing immediately & effectively saving you time and energy, whilst keeping you looking great!
  • less energy consumption.
  • light in weight than traditional irons and easy to handle.
  • Efficient and suitable for everyone, everywhere.
  • Bristles that can wash your clothes as well and dry clean your coats.
  • Dimension:  Length 13.5 inches, Width 3 inches
  • Material: High Quality Plastic
Handheld Fabric Steamer -Medium
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