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Frozen Character Kids Slippers

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  • presents picture-perfect slippers for your little ones. The fun and vibrant shoes are perfect for summer activities including those by the pool, in the park or even for wudhu. The attractive design of kids' slippers suits your kids and make them more classy and adorable. The non-slip PVC material will ensure your child has fun without compromising on style. Rest assured while your child is playing, our shoes are non-slip and heat resistant up to 40°!.


  • Your favorite Frozen Character Elsa printed on your slippers.
  • Premium and high-quality PVC material
  • Thick and anti-slip sole, perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Waterproof and fast-drying material
  • Comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit your taste


  • Colors: Multi-colour.
  • Gender: Girls.
  • Sizes: 24-29
  • Thank you for your interest!

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