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European Style Bedside Frill Glass Lamp

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Luxor is presenting you our best selling product over the time modern bedside fine glass lamp. This gorgeous, modern, luxurious, and innovative product will not only light up your room but also give an extraordinary aesthetic touch to your living room. It will provide a fresh look to your room and will provide bright to dim light in your room, according to your need and taste. Its upper head is made up of pure glass material that brightens up your darkroom like an open day in the pacific that gives you a sporadic view in your living room. Its upper head is downward and can focus light near the bed or on the side tables. It’s controlled by a switch and you can switch the table lamp on and off with a single click. Its soothing texture and attractive color can change your mood and makes you delightful. Its attractive marble base color can be matched with your bedding and curtains. You can gift this product to your loved ones at memorable events like weddings, birthdays, and other parties.

Product Details: 

  • Best for office bedroom bedside luxury.
  • Material: Frill Glass.
  • Number of LED's: 2 (Head and Base).
  • Dimensions: Lamp Height, 13.5 inches, Base Diameter, 5.2 inches.
  • Style: European style.
  • Type: Decorative gifts.
  • Weight: 1900g with package Approx. 

What's included? A single lamp.

European Style Bedside Frill Glass Lamp
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