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Ergonomics Leak-Proof Fridge Water Bottle


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Its amazing and inspired design encourages you to remain hydrated on hot summer days. This water bottle is ideal for your regular water intake because of its transparent look, which allows you to simply observe the real volume of water consumed. Its large opening makes it simple to fill with ice cubes and clean. This water bottle is made of high-quality, leak-proof plastic and is an excellent companion for your everyday water consumption. It is also lightweight and long-lasting. Ideal for gym, workout, workplace, and outdoor activities. Our water bottle has a carry handle, making it simple to transport it anywhere. It is available in several colorful hues and is excellent for your loved ones to help them keep track of time.

Product Details:

  • Environmental Friendly: It is environmentally friendly as made up of high-quality plastic (acrylic).
  • Shape: Diamond.
  • Capacity: The bottle has a 450 ml capacity.
  • Dimensions:
  • Portable: It is perfectly suitable not only for daily use but also for long trips and adventures.
  • Attractive Design and Color: Its attractive color and design will satisfy you and your kid's aesthetic sense.

What's included? A single water bottle.

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