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One Eye Stuffed Toy


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The famous characters from the movie series with one-eye stuff toys are ready to be your Childers' new best friends. As they are made of fluffy, squeezing cuddly plush that will embody innocence and comfort during sleep, a warm way to protect children’s hearts from the cold, hard world outside. The material is soft and squeezable, while sturdy, quality construction and a strong interior structure mean it will hold up two years of hugs and snuggling while enjoying hours of play with fun.

Product Details:

  • Squeezable fluffy Plush with a long-lasting material.
  • Suitable for children above 10 months old.
  • The strong interior structure will hold up to years of hugs and snuggling.
  • Size:   Small.
  • Color:  Yellow body with a blue jumpsuit and a white eye.
  • Eyes: One only.
  • Measurements:  Small (length 7inches”)
  • Material: Outer fabric sewn from textiles and stuffed with a flexible material.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine Washable in cold water do not bleach or soak.

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    One Eye Stuffed Toy
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