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Classic Space Stone Design Cashmere Scarf


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Looking around, you can see distinct types of women's scarves hanging around in necks. It shows the latest and trending fashion is wearing colorful scarves and disparate types of the stole. Scarves are generally known in the subcontinent, but now they are also in fashion in western countries as well due to their versatility and layering, and they're adjacent to your dressing. Luxor is presenting you scarves in Pashmina fabric. Pashmina is one of the most valuable fabrics in the region. Cashmere fabric originated from Kashmir. We have different types of fabrics available with a wide range of different colors, scroll down pictures and watch out for our latest stock available for sale.

Product Details:

  • Soft and easy to fold in any style.
  • It’s trendy in fashion and soothing to the eyes.
  • It’s delicate in nature and will not harm the neck if wrapped around your neck.

Colour:  with many shades

Dimension: L 75 inches * W 28 inches.

Material: Pashmina fabric.

Washing instructions: wash in cold water. Do not rub it forcefully. Dries rapidly.

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