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Baking Tray For Pasta

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Bake your favourite sponge cakes or use as a pasta dish!

About the Luxor Ovenware Range:

We have spent a lot of time to make every piece the best it can be. Made from 1mm thick carbon steel, which is thicker than most you can buy, many same-sized pieces nest inside each other and differently sized items can also be stacked to save valuable cupboard space. Sure-grip handles make them easy to lift. A double layer of Quantum 2 professional non-stick provides superior food release. Every piece is also completely dishwasher safe.

No rolled edge

The rolled edges found on most bakeware introduce a difficult-to-dry space underneath the rim and the edges themselves can be difficult to coat. We decided to leave the edges of our bakeware unrolled, removing the risk of water traps and uncoated carbon steel edges that might rust – making them completely dishwasher safe.


Length from one holding spot to other : 10 inches

Diameter: 9 inches

Depth: 1.4 inches

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Baking Tray For Pasta
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