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Adorable Kids School Backpack


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Our adorable kids' school backpacks are manufactured with premium quality raw materials in a varity of colors and designs; these backpacks reflect the likeness of small school-going kids. These bags fulfil all quality parameters, such as tear resistance, dye strength, and colorfastness. Our backpacks are lightweight, and they won't burden your kids' shoulders as their reflective design ensures the child's safety. Built with environmentally friendly materials, & they do not release any toxic substance and do not produce discomfort when touching with skin.

Product Details:

  • Material: 
  • Dimensions: Length: 13 inches, Width 11 inches.
  • Multipurpose: Use the backpack not only for school but for travel, outdoors, summer camp and more.
  • Front zippered accessory pocket.
  • This backpack would make a delightful birthday gift for any kid.
  • Perfect for nursery, playgroup & prep class kids.

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