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  • Many factors can lead to hair thinning, including stress, heat styling, coloring and, oh so inevitable, aging. Adding to the problem is the difficulty of finding a tangle teezer hair brush that detangles hair gently, without causing an onslaught of breakage.
    The Fine & Fragile Detangling tangle teezer Hair brush is designed to gently glide through the hair with no pulling or tugging, while also massaging the scalp (a method of stimulating blood flow so hair growth is boosted in the long run).
    The brush promises to be a solution for those with fine and fragile or color-treated hair, who are scared to brush breakage-prone locks for fear of thinning it further – especially when hair is wet and most vulnerable to damage.
    While many women spend money on conditioners and serums to combat the common complaint of thinning hair, a damage-wreaking hairbrush can often be the root of the problem.
    The brush’s Bristles are designed to detangle and to smooth the hair’s cuticle for a sleek finish.
  • Some individuals like wooden hair brush, you can check Wooden Hair Brush with Soft Bristles here.
  • Product Details:
  • Length: 5 inch width: 3 inch
  • Material: Plastic.
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