Spider-Man Smash Hands Plush Gloves – Red


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Spider-Man Known as a hero who could climb walls and shoot webs and an inspiration for a lot of fans. For Nerdy and shy children Luxor is introducing Spider-Man Right hand punching gloves to admire their heroic character. The Spider-Man gloves are made of 100% plush material filled with soft, exquisite compressed padding, which will help to protect the hand from a strong impact.

Product Benefits:

  • Adorable Spider-Man right hands for Spider-Man fans
  • The strong, exquisite filling will protect the hand from strong impacts.
  • The material around the finger area is made of compressed polyester padding to protect the fingers.
  • Suitable for a costume party
  • Size:  Length 10 inches, Width 10 inches
  • Colour: Dark matte red colour with Spider-Man face on the front
  • Gloves: Right hand only
  • Material: Gloves are stuffed with flexible, compressed padding material and outer fabric sewn from soft plush.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine Washable in cold water do not bleach or soak.

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